Deirdre McDowell, PLLC is a small physical therapy practice that specializes in helping babies and young children move well.  We are a concierge type of service that provides clinically advanced physical therapy intervention, assistance in finding and scheduling appointments with other rehabilitation specialists (including accompaniment to their office when requested to insure more optimal collaboration or communication), and home visits to assess and adjust rehabilitation-related equipment. Our clients are always seen within 24 hours of their initial request, and each client is provided with direct ongoing access to their therapist.  Yes, that means you can always reach them on their cell phone.

Instead of getting on a highway, battling traffic and rushing from one place to another, just put your child in the stroller or in the bike seat and come on down.  We are on a quiet street in the Houston Heights, just around the corner from Harvard Elementary.  Meet other moms, have an espresso, relax, and learn some great ways to help your child.

In addition to this, we provide international assistance to those who want to establish or improve therapy services in geographic areas where none exists.  This includes helping to arrange educational exchanges and onsite training of therapists.

Lastly, please mark this website as a resource you can return to for help, and LIKE US on our Facebook page.  If you don't see what you need on the resource or newsletter pages, then shoot us a message and I'll try to help you find the answer.