Mommy and Baby Torticollis Group

The mother and baby torticollis group provides physical therapy intervention and parent education in a small group format.  This is an informal group that meets for coffee and learns new stretches, exercises and positioning techniques each week, then has an opportunity to practice them with guidance.  The class lasts 45 minutes, but mothers are welcome to stay a bit longer to visit with each other if they wish.   The cost for this group is $50 per week, payable by cash or check.  

The group is run by Deirdre McDowell, PT, PCS.  She will do a baseline evaluation of your child during the first visit, then periodic checks to help you monitor progress.  However, this group format does not allow for extensive evaluation and direct treatment.  If you feel your child needs more, please let me know and we will schedule some additional sessions at your convenience.

I am happy to answer any and all questions.  The contact telephone number and email are located on this website.

Don't forget.  Your child MUST have a prescription for Physical Therapy provided by their pediatrician in order to attend, and reservations are required.

NOTICE: The material presented is for your information only, and not a substitute for the medical advice of a qualified physician or physical therapist. Neither the author nor the publisher will be responsible for any harm or injury resulting from interpretations of the materials in this article.

For a start, please see  these torticollis  handouts, which are graciously provided by the Pathways Foundation.
Positional Torticollis and the Importance of Time Time
Essential Tummy Time Moves
Tummy Time Brochure
Sleep Chart 
Baby's First Workout

In addition, you may want to add some Stretching exercises.  These are posted on Orthoseek for children with torticollis (please remember these are generic, and may NOT be best suited for your child.)  It is best to consult with your pediatrician or pediatric physical therapist BEFORE initiating them.
Stretching and positioning a LEFT SCM torticollis
Stretching and positioning a RIGHT SCM torticollis