Rates & Insurance
All services are available on a cash-pay basis, and patients are given an appropriate invoice for submission to their insurance company.  In most cases, families are reimbursed by their insurance at the out of network rate (between 60 and 80% of the normal and customary charge for physical therapy services).  When paying with cash, I do not require a co-pay, and my fees are generally less than most facilities. Typically this means families pay the same or LESS than they would using their insurance, although you should always check with your provider. All payment is due at time of service, and a deposit is required when scheduling the initial appointment. 


$130 per hour, exclusive of travel time more than 15 minutes (10 miles) in cases of home or site visits.  Mileage over 10 miles is billed at 60 cents per mile with a 30 mile maximum.  Please remember complex initial evaluations and consultations may include up to 2 hours of research and report writing.  More basic infant evaluations generally take less time (for example, torticollis) and can be done in under an hour.

$100  for accompaniment of a child and parent to an additional rehabilitation-related specialist (orthopedic surgeon, orthotist, pediatrician, another therapist, etc.)  Travel and wait time are billed at the same rate.

$60 per 40 minute small group "Mommy and Me" session.  Groups have a minimum of two children and a maximum of four children.  These groups are best suited for infants who have been diagnosed with torticollis or are at high risk of developmental delay (pre-term or low birth weight).

On-site rehabilitation department consultation is available at a daily rate.  The ECHO (exceptional clinicians helping others) Program clients are billed on a sliding scale.  Please call 713-299-3079 to find out if your facility qualifies.

Telephone consultation for ongoing clients is also available on a reduced pro-rated basis.  

Cash, wire transfer, and all major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Cancellation Policy
Full payment is expected for all scheduled services. Please provide at least 24-hours advance notice to cancel, modify or reschedule appointments.  

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