Services Provided

Nobody knows a child better than their family. That’s why I believe in a collaborative approach, working together with the family and other clinicians as necessary to identify and meet each child's functional needs.  This includes helping families make confident and informed therapy-related choices.

I’m also available to assist fellow clinicians and professionals who are working to develop and/or improve pediatric physical therapy services in their own locations. As a member of the Exceptional Clinicians Collaboration, I’m extremely committed to enhancing and improving the lives of children with disability or injury worldwide.

Services Include:
  • In-home specialty evaluation or consultation with review of any rehabilitative equipment currently in use
  • Short-term direct physical therapy intervention, both individual and small group format
  • Parent, client and other clinician education
  • Clinical education of physical therapy staff through tandem evaluation and treatment of their own clients and professional presentations
  • Pediatric rehabilitation program design and implementation

I am very experienced with most
pediatric disability-related diagnoses. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Delayed motor milestone acquisition
  • Poor or limited movement due to muscular dystrophies, soft tissue disorders and other genetic diagnoses
  • Poor or limited movement due to neurological injury (cerebral palsy, pediatric stroke, etc.)
  • Impaired function due to musculoskeletal injury or deformity
  • Impaired function and/or pain due to prolonged or chronic illness (leukemia, arthritis, etc.)
  • Difficult movement or function due to movement disorders (ataxia, dystonia, athetosis or chorea)
  • Torticollis


I’ve spent over 20 years cultivating an extensive network of pediatric disability specialists that can help families make confident, and informed intervention choices. If your child has recently been diagnosed with a pediatric disability, I encourage you to schedule a one-hour consultation. We’ll discuss therapy intervention options and I will help you identify any other specialists that may be important in addressing the functional components of your child’s diagnosis.